Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Lost Prince...

He has so much promise in him
If he can overcome his circumstances that surround him
If he forgets his past and realizes it doesn’t define him
He is not his father, he is not his lover who left him

He is not the opportunities he missed
He is not the devil he kissed
He is not the honor others dissed
He is not those snakes, who at him hissed

His destiny is beyond the skies
His reality is the dreams in his eyes
His truth is hidden behind his lies
His spirit is restricted with these ties

I have known his real self and marveled at it
I have seen that soul that is trying to fit
I have basked in the sunshine of his care
I have seen strength rare

My wish is he realizes his true self without falling
Fights and wins these circumstances appalling
Takes a stand for himself, without stalling
Embrace the greatness, his true calling

He can change everything around
His heart protected with his grounding abound
If he would just shrug all bad that does surround
Build himself in a way that the worlds left astound

His luck, blessings, and prayers protect him
His own weaknesses test him
His strengths can make a king of him
If someone could just shake him and tell him

The final nail in her coffin....

He promised her the stars
Saying his love will transcend all bars
She was reluctant with the odds their union entailed
Damaged to the soul with her dreams failed
For him she was like a breath of fresh air
He was mystified by her flair
Her body worn out and seriously ailed
Her heart and ambitions derailed
He wanted to be her savior and care for her
Promised to himself never to abandon her
Numerous hours of conversations
Romantic reverberations
He was breaking down her walls bit by bit
A sacred haven for her to fit
Slowly she started caving in
Her wound healing from within
They said it was mismatched
He agreed, yet a long-term plan hatched
Slowly, circumstances started to affect
Those that their demeaner started to reflect
She knew they had already start to drift
He kept trying to seal the rift
One day in the heat of emotions he let go
All his frustration started to show
She was shattered, not because it ended
Because she realized it had never started
She was at the crossroad she had been afraid to be
In front of her she was able to see
He was with another in his haven
She wanted to confront him, but didn’t give in
She kept her and his dignity
Until she moved out of the vicinity
The life of six months did it have a single moment of reality
Or was his being with her the other side of duality
She was devasted, accepting that love was never in her destiny
Every word, every action of her went into scrutiny
She had never let her emotion go astray
But his promise land made its way
Broken, she realized she was just a diversion
All words were only talks of emersion
Did he mean a single thing he said?
Was she mislead?
It was never her in his heart
It was just another illusion right from the start
Reminding her how she wasn’t worthy of emotion
By denying her every commotion
Questioning herself she accepted her fate
She is now dead inside, it was too late
She knows he didn’t mean even a single word she read
“I love you” isn’t a serious thing he said
No hard feelings no regrets
In her silence this false association rests
She wasn’t even worthy of a tear or regret to be shone
A memory faded even before it was gone
The life of the lie that he gave her
Still is alive inside of her
She can survive with those memories
Write some stories
But she cannot share
Her emotion or dare
The soul is dead the body lives on
So, she will keep walking along

Tales of what they call LOVE - 1

She held his heart together when it was tattered
Not realizing hers will be shattered
His heart was wandering for perfection
Hers for his affection
It came in his wants
Her disappointment in his cant’s
She held on to him as hard as she could
Unrequited feelings based on would and should
One day she stopped giving
She had to start living
She restrained herself, feelings, her being
She removed the rosy shades through which she was seeing
He was jolted by this lack of existence
His own pity marred by no persistence
He was sorry, wanted things to be the way they were
He wanted to do everything to get back with her
He was questioning rationale to make himself feel less guilty
His heart was restless with the ambiguity
The tragedy is not in the story
But in the reality gory
While realization hit him, will he make amends to himself
Change the way he broke her with his power and pelf
He will move on or maybe she’d come back to him
Will that be the realization of all she gifted him?
His own insecurities for which she bore the cross
His shortcomings that lead to this loss
He will find another because he is a smooth operator
Moving from one island to another
Not realizing it is love he hunts for always
But lets it go lest it stays
His emptiness can not be found in another until he is whole inside
This dismal state is perpetual, as he lets love slide
Isn’t time he paused for a moment and asks
What good does it do, this illusion in which he basks
It will do him good to embrace and abide
By all the blessings on his side
His search for love, lies inside his heart
Discovering himself will never let it part
Else, it will be just an endless cycle of heartache for him and them
And a cascading ruin of his imaginary realm

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

#ArpiChronicles #Episode2

As a child, my parents and teachers gave me the wrong sense of directions. They said it was straight.

When in reality it's Zig-Zag!
Meaning you stay on the left if you have to go right and you stay on the right if you have to go left.

Your tremendous faith in others having the wrong sense of direction, opposed to the one above is often disposed by divine intervention causing a gridlock and you wonder at the limited mental capacity of the lesser road occupying mortals.

The government should reconstruct the roads to facilitate execution of this progressive sense of direction.


Saturday, June 4, 2016


Everybody wants to be somebody
Somebody wants to be everybody
Nobody wants to be somebody
Nobody wants to be everybody 
Everybody doesn't like nobody
Somebody will one day be nobody
Everybody will eventually be nobody 
Yet everybody wants to be somebody